Hey, you!

Do you remember when you first started out in accounting?

Pretty great right?

It’s a career move that makes parents proud. A prestigious and safe job for life.

Do you remember that first moment when you began to question it?

It’s OK, you can be honest...

Is this really what I want to spend my life doing? Do I look up to the people I work for?  Am I making an impact?

I remember my moment.

Someone I liked asked me what I did at a party, and when I told them their face dropped.

They assumed I’d be unimaginative, money-focused, boring.

You might be thinking 'did I pick the wrong path?'

We’re here to tell you, you didn’t make a mistake - it's accounting that let you down.

The profession is so fixated on appearing safe, that it let go of innovation. It’s looking back when everyone else is looking forward.

In the exams we learnt about T-accounts, auditing standards and books of prime entry.

We didn't learn about software, how to hire a team or automate payments.

There's something seriously wrong with a qualification that takes three years, includes fifteen exams and still leaves you unprepared.

There is a better way.

We've combined everything that we learnt the hard way from working with dozens of startups into one accessible course.

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