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get the finance and ops skills you really need.

Your accounting qualification is based on the past.

You learnt debits and credits but they didn’t teach you how to use finance software and technology in real life.

We teach the skills you need for the future.

Our course is designed to give you all the skills you need to build and run a modern finance function.

It will teach you real-world skills that you will actually use everyday.

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your way through progressively harder problems.

Data Analysis

from large data sets across a variety of real-life sources.


of processes across the finance function and beyond.

What is FinOps?

FinOps is the intersection between Finance, Operations and Data.

Traditional accounting is out of step with the skills required in a real life start-up. It's all theory and no practice.

It’s a revolutionary new skill-set.

Only 3% of other online courses are fully completed.

Learn together in small cohorts

We have a 97% completion rate.

This is because our course is built around small, learning groups that help you build meaningful relationships.

We’re trusted by some incredible companies:

Our modules are designed to give you the skills you really need:

Intro to Modern Accounting

A 6-week course to run through the fundamentals of double entry bookkeeping which culminates in building your own accounting system.

Becoming a FinOps Expert

A 7-week course on what it takes to run a finance team, building real-world finance processes and challenges in scaling a business.

Automation and Data Analysis with SQL

A 6-week course in learning the principles of programming and no code tools to automate your workflows.

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